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Hospital da Luz – Lisboa

  • Lisbon’s most complete hospital is only 10 minutes away from Belas Clube de Campo and guarantees access to a wide variety of medical specialities.
  • This partnership includes a full check-up with two appointments in the same day for a very special price (parking and breakfast are free).
  • International Patient Service – Service for international clients with priority, personalised, and multi-language (English, French, Chinese) support, in strict connection

Domus Collect - Home Lab Tests

  • Free collection and delivery to the laboratory.
  • Before Regular Working Hours – Business days 7:00-8:00 AM Saturdays 8:30-11:30 AM


Music School “Vozes de Santa Maria”

  • Singing, Clarinet, Transverse Flute, Classical Guitar, Piano, Viola, Violin, and Cello Lessons.
  • 25% discount in enrolment for residents of Belas Clube de Campo
  • Location: Belas

Animal Health

Veterinary Hospital – Pet24 – Veterinary Services

  • 10% discount in all Services and Products (including Food) and offer of night service surtax (everyday between 10:00 PM and 10:00 AM).
  • Exclusive access to Smart Care service

Veterinary Clinic Belas Zoo

  • 24-hour emergency service. Preferential conditions for resort residents.
  • 10% discount in all products and services (discount made after the 11th purchase, according to the 10 previous purchases)

Cão Nosso - Pet Sitting

  • Daycare, training, transportation, dog walking, grooming, hotel/stay and consulting
  • For residents: 50% off on the first bath & shearing service plus the 1st month at the doggie daycare, and 25% off the 1st training service.


Altice / Meo

  • Exclusive conditions for Belas Clube de Campo residents | Customised Manager Mondays to Saturdays – 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Contact: João Gonzaga Ribeiro


CT Ibéricos (Casa dos Toldos)

  • Sales and repair of awnings and metallic structures.
  • 25% discount in fabrics and awnings.
  • Contacts: Sr. João Felício

Home Assistance

Yes, Sir! - Facility & Services

  • Administrative, passenger transport, and residence maintenance and administration services.
  • 10% discount for residents.
  • Connection of utilities (water, electricity, gas, TV, Internet, and alarms) – 33.00€ + VAT per service
  • House cleaning (before moving) per typology: 1 bedroom. 150€ | 2 bedrooms. 225€ | 3 bedrooms. 275€ | Townhouse 350€

Mordomias & Companhia

  • House cleaning and management, concierge, event organisation and management, and house cleaning and maintenance services
  • House sitting, cleaning, and management.
  • Organisation and connection of utilities (electricity, water, gas, communications, and alarms).
  • Going to the house with technicians.
  • Travel for picking up and handing over keys.

House Maid

  • House maintenance cleaning, occasional cleaning, deep cleaning, cleaning after construction works, among others.
  • General cleaning – 3h / 2 persons 50.00€ (VAT at 23% included)
  • Daily maintenance – 1h / 2 persons / 6 days 95.00€ (VAT at 23% included)
  • Maintenance, airing, and window cleaning – 2h / 2 persons (fortnightly) 65.00€ (VAT at 23% included)
  • Airing and window cleaning – 1h / 2 persons (fortnightly) 30.00€ (VAT At 23% included)
  • 1 additional hour at check-out – 16.00€ (VAT at 23% included)

Customised services

Skybags - Customised Home Check-in and transportation services (to and from the airport)

  • Residential ‘Home check-in’ service with luggage pick-up with exclusive conditions for Belas Clube de Campo residents.
  • Family Card.
  • 10% discount in services bought (cannot be combined with other campaigns).
  • SKYVIP – Customised transportation to and from the airport.
  • Code for Belas Clube de Campo
  • Residents – “BCC01”.



  • Preferential conditions for Belas Clube de Campo residents
  • 15 to 20% discount in moving, 15% discount in packing, and 20% discount in turn-key services.

Pool Water Treatment


  • Water treatment services (copper or salt ionization), pool accessories and equipment (pumps, filters, etc.), and pool treatment products.
  • 15% discount

Vehicle Colletion

Casal Alentejano

  • Collection and storage of vehicles, boats, and motorhomes for Belas Clube de Campo residents. 10€ / monthly discounts for selected vehicles.
  • Location: Sabugo