About Us

Belas Country Club symbolizes quality of life.
Living in an estate where nature and modernity merge, making this the ideal place to live.
Our commitment is to always be alongside our customers. We have plots of land where the customer can choose one of the available projects or build their dream home.

The 20 years of its existence prove that this estate is constantly evolving, and with plans to build infrastructures such as a school and an equestrian center, reveals that the Belas Country Club is a thriving community where your family enjoys a healthy environment on a daily basis.


Founded in 1990 – within the André Jordan Group -, the Planbelas, Sociedade Imobiliaria, SA is the promoter and manager of the project Belas Country Club. The commitment of Planbelas to manage the estate in accordance with principles of sustainability is reinforced through mechanisms implemented to continually evaluate its economic, environmental and social performance.

Benefiting from André Jordan Group’s highly proactive environmental management philosophy, Belas Country Club was born with the aim of safeguarding an area of great natural beauty, adapting it to an urban project where the previous environmental qualities were rigorously preserved. The project was designed in accordance with a high landscape framing, a sensitive use of topography and protection of natural habitats, as well as promoting a diverse fauna and flora.

Vision, Mission and Values

While thriving community, the Belas Country Club bases its long-term vision on the principles of excellence in promoting a healthy and sustainable environment. While planning and constructing residential and tourism projects, we focus on creating value for owners and shareholders, as well as exceeding the expectations of residents and users. Trust, responsibility, integrity, excellence, innovation, sustainability and transparency are some of the values reflected in all projects developed by André Jordan Group.

Dr. Gilberto Jordan
Engº Bernardo
Sousa Fialho
Directora Administrativa e Financeira
D. Maria Emília Ferreira
Director Comunicação e Rel. Externas
Com. Rui Trigoso
Director Técnico
Engº Tiago Dias
Contabilidade /
Dra. Luísa Viegas
Director Vendas
Dr. Bruno Martins
Paul Sanders
Green Keeper
Lourenço Pinto
Arqª Ana Prata
Dr. João Belas
Dr. Paulo Vieira

Benefiting from the management philosophy of the André Jordan Group, extremely proactive on environmental issues, the Belas Country Club was born with a concern to safeguard an area of great natural beauty, adapting to an urban project where old environmental qualities have been rigorously preserved. The project was designed according to a high landscape framing, a low population density, a sensitive use of topography and protection of natural habitats and promoting a diverse and native flora. Therefore, the entire construction and operating phase is conducted according to the most demanding environmental requirements.

Confirming our strong commitment to good sustainability practices is the recent award of the Sustainable Development Award promoted by Diário Económico and Heidrick & Struggles, which aims not only to assess the state of sustainability in Portugal, but also to identify and recognize the best national reference practices that are contributing to the country’s progress.

The 18-hole golf course has been integrated into the natural landscape and, since its construction phase, minimizing the environmental impact. Its maintenance and operation is subject to rigorous environmental control, attested by the achievement of environmental certification by Norm NP EN ISO 14001. PLANBELAS, SA was, in fact, one of the world pioneers in the environmental certification of golf courses according to this standard, extending then the certification to all the Belas Country Club and also to quality issues.

Conserving wildlife, controlling the use of chemicals and fertilizers, optimizing water consumption and control its quality, proper management of produced waste, controlling energy and fuel consumption, noise control, respecting the safety and hygiene standards as well as an effective Objectives And Targets Program and audits, are the key to a proper environmental and quality management of the Belas Country Club’s activities.

However, good environmental practices for the management of Belas Country Club go beyond compliance with current environmental legislation, as well as training, awareness and information of all stakeholders – employees, residents, golfers, visitors, shareholders, community, NGOs, suppliers, competent authorities, among others.

Thus, PLANBELAS, SA, assumes a clear philosophy in its Quality and Environment Policy for the correct management of natural resources, meeting the concept of “sustainable development” and for the satisfaction of the customer regarding Quality, having been recognized in recent years by several entities, including the National Geographic magazine.