Golf Course Regulation
1. Working Hours

a. The golf course is open from 7.30am to 6pm during Fall & Winter and from 7.30am to 8pm during Spring & Summer.
b. The Golf Course and the Clubhouse are closed on December 25th and January 1st, however, the Clubhouse may be open in these days for special events.
c. All rental equipment must be returned to the Golf Service Department up to a maximum of 15 minutes prior to closing time.
d. The Practice facilities close one hour before the golf course. On Mondays Practice facilities close at 6pm, except between November and February, which closes at 4.30pm. On Tuesdays the Practice facilities open at 10.30am. On holidays, the usual working hours apply.

2. The Golf Course

a. All players must check-in at the reception desk before entering the course.
b. The Golf reception reserves the right to request a valid handicap certificate of maximum 36 for men and 54 for ladies.
c. It is not allowed to train with more than 2 balls in play in the Golf Course, being the training allowed, exclusively, in the field of training and / or putting green.
d. It is not allowed practising short game on the putting green.
e. The decision on Golf Course playability and restrictions on the use of buggies due to adverse weather conditions shall be the sole responsibility of the Golf Director or other designated person during his/her absence.
f. Players who do not comply with the rules and regulations established by Royal & Ancient Club of St. Andrews, and those specific to Belas Country Club, may be invited to leave the Golf Course without reimbursement.
g. It is expressly forbidden to bring dogs to the Golf Course, Practice facilities, Golf Academy and within the Clubhouse. Access may be charged to people accompanied by animals, except in the case of guide dogs.
h. The Golf Course has Insurance of Civil Liability and Personal Accidents of the users to cover the respective risks. Damages or losses caused by users to other people and/or other people’s property or third parties are excluded from coverage.
i. PLANBELAS S.A. is not liable for damages or theft within its premises, car park or Golf Course, nor physical or material damages.
j. Non-player children under the age of six are not allowed on the Golf Course. Non-player children between the ages of seven and twelve are only allowed on the Golf Course if accompanied by an adult who takes responsibility.

3. Dress Code

a. Proper attire must be worn on the Golf Course, Practice facilities, Clubhouse and other facilities pertaining to the Golf Course. The use of jeans, shorts, gym clothes and alike is not allowed. Use of “Softspikes” is mandatory.

4. Etiquette

a. When a player is getting ready or executing a hit, his/her game partners should not talk, move or make any noises.
b. A player must hit only after making sure the previous group is out of reach of their ball.
c. Players must leave the green immediately after finishing the hole.
d. When a group is looking for a ball, as soon as they realise the search may take a while, they must allow the next group to pass them.
e. A player must always flatten the bunkers, repair pitch marks in the green and replace divots.

5. Exit times, priority and speed of the game

a. Golf Course Priorities

I. Players on national and/or international competitions
II. Players on competitions
III. 4 balls ober 3 balls
IV. 3 balls over 2 balls
V. 1 ball has no priority
VI. Exception in the priorities: All players must play without undue delay and, when a free hole is ahead they must let the previous group pass.

b. Exits

I. A round must be on the tee at least 10 minutes prior to its starting time.
II. Any round without previous booking is subject to starting time availability.
III. Respect instructions from the Starter and Marshall at all times.
IV. Groups of 5 or more people, are not allowed.

c. Game speed

I. A 18-hole game shall not exceed 4h30m. Every player must play without unjustified delays and when a free hole is ahead they must let the previous group pass. Remember that your place in the field is immediately behind the front group and not immediately in front of the group behind.

4. Buggies & Trolleys

a. It is mandatory to respect the rules in force on the day of the match.
b. There can not be more than two people or two golf bags in each buggy.
c. The buggy can only be used on the Golf Course and on the parking lot.
d. The buggy must be driven in a responsible way, not driven at high speed, nor making abrupt curves or sudden brakes.
e. Buggies and trolleys must be kept off the tees, “avant greens” and can not circulate between “bunkers” and “greens”.
f. The person renting the buggy is responsible for any damage caused abnormal use of the buggy. Damages will be subject to appraisal and paid in full by this person.
g. It is strictly forbidden for the buggis to be driven by any person under 18 years old.
h. The buggy’s operating instructions must be followed.
i. The Management can prevent buggies from leaving whenever they feel it is necessary.

5. Golf Course Booking

a. Tees:

I. White – Profissionals and high level athletes
II. Yellow – Men
III. Red – Ladies

b. Course:

I. White stakes – Out of bounds
II. Yellow stakes – Water hazard
III. Red stakes – Lateral water hazard
IV. Blue stakes or white line – Ground under repair

c. Distance to the Green

I. White marker – 200 metres
II. Yellow marker – 150 metres
III. Red marker – 100 metres

6. Practice facilities

a. Users must follow indications and information provided by Belas Country Club staff.
b. Hitting balls is only allowed within the areas designated by stalls.
c. It is strictly forbidden to give lessons on the practice field without prior authorization from the Management or designated person in its absence.
d. Planbelas SA and/or the Management reserve the right to close the practice facilities without further notice.
e. Planbelas SA it is not liable for accidents that occur on the practice facilities.
f. Taking balls from the Practice facilities to the Golf Course is not allowed. Players who disregard this rule, may be asked to leave the Golf Course without recourse or refund.
g. The upper area of the Practice facilities is reserved exclusively for Golf Academy lessons, with the exception of players or teaching professionals authorized by the Course Management.

7. Golf Academy

a. The Golf Academy is open for enthusiasts of any gender with or without any previous golf experience and is intended for learnig or improvement.
b. The use of the Academy’s facilities implies the purchase of lessons. The amount and price of the lessons can be found on the price list.
c. Students and guests must respect the guidelines from the person in charge of the Golf Academy or the teacher and, in general, conduct themselves with respect for the values of silence, natural environment and cordial relationship with others.
d. Adults responsible for children present on the site have the duty to enforce the rules in force at the Golf Academy.
e. The Golf Academy has Insurance of Civil Liability and Personal Accidents of the users to cover the respective risks. Damages or losses caused by users to other people and/or other people’s property or third parties are excluded from coverage..


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