Environmental Management

The Belas Country Club was born as an idea to safeguard an area of green fields, adapting it to an urban project where its previous environmental qualities were rigorously preserved.

The estate was designed, according to a high landscape framing, low density housing, a sensitive use of topography and protection of natural habitats, as well as promoting a diverse and indigenous flora.

The project contemplates the preservation of REN (National Ecological Reserve) and RAN (National Agricultural Reserve) zones, with the elaboration and approval of Environmental Impact Studies for the three phases of the project. In this way all the work and exploration are conducted according to the most demanding environmental requirements.

Golf Course

The 18-hole golf course has been integrated into the natural landscape, and since its construction phase, with a low environmental impact in mind. Its current maintenance and operation is subject to strict environmental control, certified by the environmental certification NP EN ISO 14001 standard since 1999.

PLANBELAS, SA was, in fact, one of the world pioneers in the environmental certification of golf courses according to this norm, extending then the certification for the whole Belas Clube de Campo project and also for the quality issues, being also certified according to Quality Standard NP EN ISO 9001.

In 2007, the company became the first of its kind in the international sector to have the entire value chain certified by Quality and Environment, from urban planning to sale, maintenance and exploration of the golf course and green spaces, Nature and support to residents, among many others.

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation, control of the use of chemicals and fertilizers, optimization of water consumption, control of water quality, management of waste produced, control of energy and fuel consumption, noise control , respect for safety and hygiene standards and an effective “Goals and Targets” program and audits are the key to a correct environmental management and the quality of the activities of Belas Clube de Campo, ensuring compliance with the certification requirements.

Good environmental practices for the management of Belas Country Club will, however, go beyond compliance with environmental legislation and certification. A strong focus on training, sensitization and information of all stakeholders – employees, residents, golfers, visitors, shareholders, surrounding community, NGOs, suppliers, competent authorities, among others – has been carried out since the beginning.

This way, PLANBELAS, S.A. assumes, in its Quality and Environment Policy, a clear philosophy for the correct management of natural resources, meeting the concept of “sustainable development” and for the satisfaction of the client regarding Quality.

Fauna & Flora

It is expressly recognised that golf courses must play a key role in promoting biodiversity, preserving and improving the environment in which they are inserted.

Therefore, Belas Country Club is proud to present a variety of unique fauna and flora in the region of Lisbon, which is preserved according to the best practices of nature conservation. The fauna and flora of the Belas Country Club were exhaustively surveyed and are now an integral part of the ecosystem of the project, being cherished by all and aimed at various conservation and protection measures.

Renewable Energies

Visit the website of Agência Municipal de Energia de Sintra (AMES), to learn more about the energy efficiency projects and actions developed for Sintra’s Council.

Calculate your Ecological Footprint and the Carbonic Footprint of Energy Efficiency of your house, using the following simulators:

Certifications & Awards

Since its inception in 1994, the Belas Country Club has stood out for its clear commitment to quality, infrastructure, real estate and golf, and to the environmental care involved in its design phase and later in the development phase. Urbanism, real estate, landscaping and golf have been developed according to best practices, have been certified and for this reason have been awarded over the years.


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