Do you want to live or invest in Portugal? Learn more about the Golden Visa Programme and the opportunities that await you in Belas Clube de Campo.

In a globalised world as today, there are no borders. We become citizens of the world, which allows us to study, live, work, or even invest anywhere we want to. And if you are looking for a place with history, which is safe and welcoming, Portugal and Belas Clube de Campo are the right places. All you need is a Golden Visa, or a Resident Permit for Investment purposes (ARI).

What is the Golden Visa and how does it work?

The Golden Visa is one of Europe’s most attractive investment programmes made to get a residence permit in Portugal. This programme appeared in October 2012 and allows for foreign citizens to live in Portugal.

To that end, a minimum investment of 250,000 euros must be made. Among the most common investments are real estate, mostly because they result in higher returns.

The benefits of living and investing in Portugal

The benefits of the Golden Visa have already conquered more than 10 thousand families who were searching for a stable future and an excellent investment in a country as interesting as Portugal. But what makes the Golden Visa so attractive?

Among the countless advantages of living and investing in Portugal via the Golden Visa, highlights go to:

  • Residing and exercising a professional activity in Portuguese territory
  • Travelling in the Schengen area freely without needing a visa
  • Obtaining Portuguese citizenship and getting a Permanent Residence Permit (lifelong) after 5 years
  • Holding the right to Family Reunification, which means that any family members that are dependent can also obtain a residence permit
  • Accessing the national health service and Portuguese and European education system
  • Benefit from capital gains concerning taxes
  • Enjoying the best Portugal has to offer

Investment options for Golden Visa in Portugal?

The Golden Visa programme includes many investment options:

1. Transfer of capital in the amount of 1 million euros or more
The Golden Visa can be obtained after the transfer of capital in the amount of 1 million euros to a Portuguese account to buy public debt securities (e.g.: Savings Certificates).

2. Employment creation
You can get a Golden Visa by investing in the Portuguese business fabric, namely by creating at least 10 full-time jobs. In case you create a business in a low-density area, the minimum number of jobs can decrease to 8.

Also, if you prefer to invest in a business that already exists, such business must create at least 5 new full-time jobs for three years. The investment must be 350,000 euros or more.

3. Investing in scientific research
Investing a minimum of 350,000 euros in research and development in Portugal also gives access to a Golden Visa since 2015.

4. Investment in artistic production or preservation/conservation of cultural heritage
A golden visa can also be obtained by donating at least 250,000 euros for the preservation and recovery of Portuguese heritage or for an artistic production.

5. Investment Funds
An alternative to get the Golden Visa in Portugal is investing in investment funds or venture capital funds aimed to business capitalisation. The investment must be 350,000 euros or more.

6. Buying real estate in the amount of 500,000 euros or more
This is the most common way to get a Golden Visa in Portugal. It consists in buying one or more properties in Portugal for at least 500,000 euros. These properties can go from apartments to townhouses and, when the goal is more than investing (e.g.: rental), they can be used for residential purposes.

Golden Visa Ready Investments in Belas Clube de Campo

Only a few minutes from Lisbon, surrounded by beaches and nature, Belas Clube de Campo (BCC) combines high-end residential solutions with several services and infrastructures that provide a unique quality of life.
Here you can find many apartments and townhouses that are “Golden Visa Ready”, for which the deed can be drawn immediately.
Apartments have different typologies, wide balconies, excellent areas, home office, garden, and even private pool. Townhouses have a sophisticated, contemporary architecture and include garden and private pool, as well as the most innovative sustainable solutions. They are ideal for families who need space and appreciate the outdoors.
Two perfect solutions for those who want to invest or live in Portugal.

Assistance throughout the entire process
The commercial team and legal department of Belas Clube de Campo will give all the support needed throughout the entire purchase process. From selecting the type of property according to your needs and preferences to ownership options.
We can also provide you with all information which served as a starting point before you go ahead with the decision of buying a property in Belas Clube de Campo and we recommend that you seek legal counselling from a lawyer or tax consultant for a more customised advice.

Belas Clube de Campo represents quality of life

With a diversified offer of infrastructures and services, Belas Clube de Campo offers everything families need in their daily lives and a unique quality of life. In addition to getting return on the investment and a unique quality of life in Portugal, the Club gives you access to the areas below:

    • Wellness & Sports – dedicated to sports lovers and those who are seeking a more active and healthier lifestyle. Golf, Tennis, Padel, Surf, Bicycle Paths and more;
    • Education – includes a School – Pre-School João de Deus de Belas, which teaches from nursery to year 6;
    • Restaurants – restaurants for all residents, visitors and golfers;
    • Forest Park – promotes contact with nature via bicycle paths, pedestrian trails, and areas to contemplate nature.

Belas Clube de Campo will also give you access to a number of facilities, such as 24-hour surveillance, minimarket, parapharmacy, hairdresser, playgrounds, commercial areas, transportation, among others.

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