Find out the benefits of living in a Country Club

Learn all the benefits of living in a Country Club like Belas Clube de Campo.
A Country Club is the perfect place for families who are looking for a healthy, safe, fun, and outright place to live. And if you choose Belas Clube de Campo, you will find all your preferences in one place, which results in a unique quality of life. Check out these and other advantages of living in a Country Club.

What is a Country Club?

A Country Club is a private complex that offers full services and facilities to its residents.

This resort was designed with the wellness and comfort of its residents in mind, offering all they need in just one place.

In Belas Clube de Campo you can find leisure areas, restaurant, gym, golf courses, tennis and padel courts, and even a school that goes from nursery to year 6, a minimarket, hairdresser, laundry service, and much more.

The benefits of living in a Country Club

Among the main advantages of living in a country club, highlights go to:

1. Comfort and quality of life
Long hours in traffic, supermarkets full of people, crowded restaurants, gyms that are packed? In a Country Club this is no longer a concern. The multiple facilities are gathered in one space, providing improved comfort and quality of life to its residents.
All of this will be near you, giving you more comfort and a unique quality of life. Just think about the time you spend on commutes that you can now dedicate to what really matters in your life. Also, each member of the family can choose the activity they like the most.

2. More security and privacy
A Country Club can give you an extra dose of security. In addition to being a private resort, Belas Clube de Campo includes a 24/7 surveillance service.

3. Fun for all
And there is nothing like living in a Country Club to have fun. Every day can be different and fun. Belas Clube de Campo provides its residents with multiple leisure areas and sports activities for all tastes and ages.

4. Health and wellness
Belas Clube de Campo offers a number of infrastructures and services with all essential commodities to provide families with a more active and healthier lifestyle. And that includes Healthcare, Wellness and Sports areas. You can access a parapharmacy, gym, healthclub/spa, tennis and padel court, golf course, bicycle paths and trails, among others.

5. Direct contact with Nature
Can you imagine the feeling of waking up and being surrounded by Nature, of being able to work without hearing the noise from cars and see your children grow outdoors? This is the quality of life that many families are searching for in Belas Clube de Campo. In a privileged area, close to beaches and forests, you can enjoy a healthier atmosphere in direct contact with nature.

6. A valued investment
One of the key advantages of living in a Country Club is price appreciation. Buying a property is already a good investment on its own. But for a property in a Country Club, price appreciation is higher due to all the advantages.

This way, buying a property, whether an apartment, a plot or a townhouse, in a setting like this, gives you a higher return on investment.

Belas Clube de Campo: a lifestyle embedded in nature

Located in Belas, in the heart of a Forest Park, in full contact with nature, close to the sea and only a few minutes from Lisbon and the historical town of Sintra. Belas Clube de Campo combines high-end residential solutions with several services and infrastructures that provide residents with a unique quality of life.

Here you will find a wide selection of apartments, townhouses and plots pfor construction of single-family houses, according to the needs of each family. Find a property that suits you with our guide that can help you through the entire process.
This resort is shaped as an amphitheatre, with the golf course in the centre, apartments on top, and single-family townhouses below. The Country Clube also includes:

  • Pre-School João de Deus de Belas
  • Restaurant Clubhouse
  • Golf
  • Healthclub, Spa, Hairdresser
  • Playing fields: tennis and padel
  • Playgrounds and skate park
  • Postal Services, Parapharmacy, Minimarket, Decoration Shop and Laundry Service
  • Forest Park

This offer is based on the principles of sustainability, comfort and quality.
Belas Clube de Campo represents quality of life, sustainability and sophistication.

Learn more about our infrastructures and facilities.