Lisbon Green Valley: the first with resilience certification

Belas Clube de Campo´s new phase called Lisbon Green Valley has been recently certified and obtained the highest level of performance (A) to the new norm of Resilience toward Climate Change by the LiderA norm and acreditation.

It is an innovative certification which attests the ability of built environments and communities to adjust, react and respond to natural risks (such as floods, storms, heat waves) and human risks, both social and economic (such as criminality, terrorist attacks, substructure failures, among others).
“All communities and areas are, to a certain extent, vulnerable to natural or man-made hazards. Learning to live with risk, accepting that vulnerability, shocks and tensions as well as, developing a collective tolerance to risk, is the first step to becoming more resilient.” according to Manuel Duarte Pinheiro, Head of the LiderA System. “Belas Clube de Campo is an international reference in the sustainability area and already presents a set of distinctive measures in relation to normal practice, being thus a project seeking high sustainability and resilience”, he adds.

This assessment took into consideration 20 different parameters, among which, heat waves, intense rain, floods, water supply/ quality and management, soil erosion by water, fire hazard, biodiversity, failure in infrastructures’ supply (energy, sanitation and waste), crime, among others.

According to the assessment report, the Lisbon Green Valley has distinctive features in relation to common practice, in terms of infrastructure planning and land division, and in regards to construction of its single-family, collective and service housing units, making it more resilient when compared with the reference.

Example of such are some measures that enhance the resilience of the Lisbon Green Valley in the face of several factors, such as: heat waves: quality of the insulation on walls, floors and roofs; Water supply, quality and management: installation of rainwater collection and storage system (with variable capacity over plots, between 5m3 and 50m3), installation of a sewage separation system and pre-installation for a compact WWTP; Fire hazard: sighting and surveillance station of forest and trees in a 30km radius, first-assistance vehicle; Earthquakes: anti-seismic construction; InfrastructuresFailures: installation of equipment with high energy and water efficiency, installation of photovoltaic panels for self-consumption and bidirectional thermal solar panels, energy storage batteries; Crime: 24h/day surveillance service, among others.

It should be noted that Belas Clube de Campo was firstly certified by the LiderA System in 2012, obtaining an A+ evaluation in urban sustainability and construction. In 2017, the Lisbon Green Valley houses were given an A++ rank, and in 2018 obtained an assessment of A+ for the new apartments. In 2019, the company delivered to the market the first houses in Portugal to obtain the highest standard of Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) energy certification.

Recently it was also awarded grade A by ADENE – National Energy Agency, with AQUA+, the new water performance index for buildings. This is the first instrument for classifying water efficiency in buildings, using an innovative methodology worldwide and pioneer in Europe, and its goal is to identify and stress good practices in the efficient use of water resources in buildings and urbanizations.