On the occasion of Urban Regeneration Week, the Real Estate Development and APPII Annual Dinner took place on 12 April at Palácio de Queluz, which included a tribute to the chairman of APPII, Henrique Polignac de Barros.

This event took place under the auspices of Real Estate Development Day, included in the Urban Regeneration Week calendar, which gathered the key players in Portugal’s property sector at a celebration dinner in the palace’s Throne Room.

Henrique Polignac de Barros, APPII’s associate N.º 1, was distinguished not only for his initiative to found the association, but also for his dedication to the national real estate development sector. At the occasion, Hugo Santos Ferreira, Executive Vice President of APPII, underlined that «with the Association currently undergoing a phase of great drive, growth and consolidation across the entire national, but also international, property market, we believe this tribute makes even more sense».

André Jordan, one of the founders of the Association, also attended, noting the fact that Henrique Polignac de Barros «has commanded a sector that, today, is recognised as being fundamental to the economy and job creation», comparing «Polignac’s presidency of APPII with Azeredo Perdigão’s presidency of the Gulbenkian Foundation; where he was the Master of Culture, Henrique is the Master of Real Estate», concluding that «Henrique Polignac de Barros’ example and work on behalf of all of us, his colleagues and admirers, will always set the standard that must be maintained and upheld».

In turn, Manuel Reis Campos, chairman of CPCI, closed the session, underlining Henrique Polignac de Barros’ «deep commitment and dedication» in founding the CPCI, as well as his essential role at APPII over the years in several initiatives promoted on the CPCI calendar, namely its representation of the sector before the government.