André Jordan once said that what he liked the most was to “think, dream, and imagine.” His passion for creating high quality projects of international prestige has been passed down to his son Gilberto Jordan, who hos been at the helm of Belas Country Club since 2008. Jordan has constantly introduced unique, innovative solutions of the highest quality in terms of architecture, sustainability, and landscaping at Belas Country Club, and an example of this is the community’s newest phase: Lisbon Green Valley.

At Lisbon Green Valley, a perfect symbiosis between profitability and nature is palpable.
Given the extent and quality of the work this group has already achieved, only those who have been to and have come to know Belas Country Club con imagine what this next phase will be like. A few days ago, Magazine Imobiliário visited this extraordinary community and found that the first 16 opartments and six townhouses have already been sold], The integration between concrete and landscape is rather remarkable. Whoever purchased them must really enjoy noture!

‘Half the world’ at Belas Country Club
Lisbon Green Valley consists of a total of 366 housing units distributed amongst apartments, townhouses, and plots of land that are to be used to construct new houses.

This new phase of expansion at Belas Country Club helps us realise that Gilberto Jordan completes his father. If we were to joke with him, we would say that he is walking calculator that is always finding ways to add up and create value mentally.

In fact, Belas Country Club is marketing 34 lots for villas between 1000 m2 and 1500m2 in size in addition to the properties mentioned above, three of which it has already sold. AII this progress at Belas Country Club has attracted residents of 27 different nationalities so far. Other figures are equally as impressive: 2.500 residents belonging to more than 750 families have already moved into the community. The average client profile drown up by the André Jordan Group shows that these are Class A clients who are between the ages of 30 and 50, have families with two or three children, and range from executives. Businesspeople, middleand senior-level managers, and liberal professionals. It also bears mentioning that 50% of residents work in Lisbon and the other 50% in adjacent areas. It can almost be said that “half the world” wanted to come live at Belas Clube de Campo.

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